Saturday, 15 December 2012


Hello Curlys!

So, as you all know natural hair and accessories are a big deal right now...if you are natural am sure you have a ton of hair accessories and earnings...well..ahhemm...I beg to defer because I am the laziest accessory collector ever!! have a thing for hair bands and stuff, but when it comes to statement earrings I always shy away from purchasing or wearing them..dunno why..hehehehehe...I have a few stashed up somewhere, but for the sake of this post I will fetch them and post a few of them at the end.

I love it when I see statement hair pieces and earrings, it automatically draws attention and makes one stand out. I remember when I wore this hair band with a BIG arse bow to a friends party, I saw eyes  rolling and I got stares like "could she have worn a bigger bow"?? lol..I just laughed within me, because I was like YES! I got noticed today..heheheheheeh...that's what accessories does for you ,well unless you don't like the attention, then you can stick to minimal accessories.

My BIG arse sequenced alice band.
Statement pieces such as this are for the bold, I kinda like it not only cause it draws attention to her hair but also completes her outfit, it just gives her more colour and screams statement curly!
Feather earring!
Solange Knowles makes her TWA (Tiny Winny Afro) stand out with silver chunky  earrings, Stunning! This is a look anyone can pull off. Long earrings in my opinion suits curlys with shorter hair, it takes the attention away from the roundness of your head especially if you have  a very low cut like Solange does. Rounder earrings gives ones face the illusion of a football or a basketball...looool!!! especially if you have a very TTWA (Tiny Teeny Winny Afro) . So curlys with tiny lil hair, I suggest you start shopping for every shape of earrings expect round ones (My opinion, its questionable).
Chunky Metal Earrings..

Bejewelled round dangling Earrings.. 
This kind of earring suits curlys with longer kinks, its round, chunky, and has a lot of details. This earring not only draws attention to her hair but its a piece that stands out which gives one's hair character and attituddde!

Here are other designs and types of earrings you can incorporate with your kinks!
Fabric print earrings...
 Afro wooden earring...(a must have)
Ceramic ethnic designed hoops..
Tear-drop shaped earrings... 

Wooden beaded comb earring...
Double Triangle metal earrings...

It won't be right to leave out hair accessories in this post, one thing I love about hair accessories is that even if you have no other accessories on, you can pull of a statement look. Take for example this pretty curly on the right, she has no make up, or earrings on, but her hair piece makes her look amazing and distinct! Its just sits perfectly on the side of her head

 Flowers are a must have for every natural, whether you have a TWA,  a medium or Big fro. Flowers gives one a  fresh, delicate and soft look.

You can't go wrong with bows, they always look soooo cute. 
Lulu makes her curls look great with a black bow....

If you have long locks, then this will definitely suit you, because it pulls back you hair and makes your Fro appear bigger, and also draws attention to your face.

 Don't you just love this?? This definitely are statement pieces, because feather like accessories are in right now,they  give one an ethnic, Red-Indian tribal look. I love the way it sits perfectly on by side of their heads...don't you just want to steal it?? I know I

Scarves are not only for making your hair look pretty, they can be used to cover up for bad hair days...I know I use them a lot, especially days that I don't feel like touching my hair. Silk or satin scarves are used most especially to help your hair retain moisture and texture. So curlys invest in some good quality scarves for bad hair days!

I would like to end this session with my Stash of hair accessories and earrings, please forgive  my poor and scanty collection am still a work-in progress...hehehehehe..

 Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions! And remember Hair does not bind us together LOVE does...stay Curly!